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Snoqualmie Valley Animal Hospital: Your Snoqualmie Valley Veterinarian

Your Veterinarian in Fall City, WA
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Welcome to the Snoqualmie Valley Animal Hospital! Our experienced team of veterinarians is dedicated to delivering high-quality vet care in a caring atmosphere. From wellness pet exams and dental care to diagnostics and pet surgery, we’re your one-stop-vet for all of your pet’s needs. We also accept Trupanion insurance for all dogs and cats at Snoqualmie Valley Animal Hospital! Pet wellness exams are vital to your pet’s long-term well-being. Our Fall City veterinarians do a full check from nose to tail. A check is done on your pet’s heart and lungs, and we ensure that your pet is up-to-date on immunizations. Our veterinarian also recommends all dogs and cats over the age of five receive blood work annually. Take advantage of our parasite prevention programs to protect your cat or dog from heartworm. At Snoqualmie Animal Hospital, we focus on preventative care in our animal hospital and offer nutritional counseling to keep your four-legged companion healthy.

Give your pet a long, healthy lifespan with sterilization. We offer surgical neutering and spays. With anesthesia and pain medication for after care, we ensure that your pet is kept comfortable. Most pets recover within one week. We’re even available for after-hours consultations should any problems arise.  Dental disease is quite common in both cats and dogs. Left untreated, it can lead to kidney and heart problems. During a dental exam, we check for cavities, broken teeth, and bleeding gums while implementing the appropriate treatment. We also provide grooming and bathing services with regular and medicated baths as well as providing nail trimmings to your furry friends!

Visit Our Fall City Veterinarians for Pet Surgery

We’re your Fall City veterinarians for pet surgery!  We use state-of-the-art in-house diagnostic equipment and methods to diagnose pet conditions, including:

After administering anesthesia, we carefully monitor your pet with ECG and pulse oximeter during surgery.  The ECG measures the heart rate electrically, and the pulse oximeter tracks physical pulse and lets us know the amount of oxygen in the blood stream. Plus, we monitor your pet’s internal temperature to maintain body processes. Common canine orthopedic surgeries at Snoqualmie Valley Animal Hospital include total hip replacement, ACL repair, fractured bone repair and correction of should and elbow disorders. Arthroscopy is performed to treat elbow dysplasia, shoulder dysplasia and canine arthritis. Medial patella luxation can also be surgically treated to stop the progression of osteoarthritis. Many of our patients are able to go home the day of surgery.

When your pet has a specific condition, we take the time to explain everything to you and let you know all of the treatment options. This way, you can make an informed decision. Our patient’s pro-active approach helps pet owners get involved in their pet’s treatment plan.

Is it time for a pet wellness exam? Is your pet limping? Has your pet changed his regular eating routine? Stop by Snoqualmie Valley Animal Hospital today! At Snoqualmie Valley Animal Hospital, we treat your beloved pet just like a part of the family.

For more information or to schedule an appointment at Snoqualmie Valley Animal Hospital, give us a call today at 425-222-7220!

Dr. J. Khera
Fall City Veterinarian | Snoqualmie Valley Animal Hospital | 425-222-7220

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I have benefited tremendously from the veterinary care I received from Dr. Khera.

John / Fall City, WA